Functions of Estates Department

  1. Allotment and vacation of accommodation as per provisions of J&K Estates Department (Allotment of Government accommodation) Regulation, 2004-enforcement thereof.
  2. Maintenance and upkeep of records relating to allotment and vacation of specified accommodations in Directorate and Divisional offices.
  3. Proper maintenance of ledgers relating to licence fee/recoveries in Divisional offices.
  4. Timely issuance of No Demand Certificate at the time of retirement/vacation.
  5. Proper maintenance of assets by way of up gradation, repair, renovation and alternation.
  6. Assessment of rent by engineeringwing.
  7. Keeping general watch over unauthorized occupant and subletting.
  8. Maintenance and up gradationof waiting list of applicants for accommodation.
  9. Pursuing of litigation and settlement of court cases.
  10. Implementation of provisions of RTI Act, 2009 in letter and spirit.
  11. Redressing of complaints/grievance of allottees on daily basis.
  12. Resolution of service related matters.