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  1. Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants Act
  2. Allotment of Government accommodation regulation 2004
  3. Requirments for Final NDC From Estates Department
  4. Allotment of residential accommodation in favour of move employees for winter session 2017-18

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1 22/02/2018 14-Est-2018 Appointment of Plumber in Estates Department - Divisional Cadre Kashmir   View Document
2 21/02/2018 Estates-03 of 2018 Tender Notice for running Canteen services for secretariat employees at Civil Secretariat Srinagar/Jammu   View Document
3 15/02/2018 12-Est of 2018 Compassionate appointment Mr. Showkat Ahmad Sheikh under SRO-43 of 1994   View Document
4 09/02/2018 232 - GAD of 2018 Constitution of a committee to review the issues regarding providing of Government accommodation in favour of Media Persons.   View Document
5 06/02/2018 02 - DE of 2018 Allotment of residential accommodation at Srinagar in favour of Moving Officers/Officials - Summer Session - 2018   View Document
6 05/02/2018 69 - DE of 2018 Physical verification of residential colonies at Jammu   View Document
7 05/02/2018 01 - DE of 2018 Physical verification of residential colonies of Estates Department at Jammu   View Document
8 01/02/2018 Estates 02 of 2018 Inviting Tenders for several items   View Document
9 24/01/2018 Order No 50 - DE of 2018 Grant of Higher Standard pay scale in favour of the Employees of Estates Departments   View Document
10 17/01/2018 Order No 07-EST of 2018 Appointment of Junior Assistants in the Estates Department - Divisional Cade Jammu   View Document

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