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  1. Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants Act
  2. Allotment of Government accommodation regulation 2004
  3. Requirments for Final NDC From Estates Department
  4. Allotment of residential accommodation in favour of move employees for winter session 2017-18

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1 29/10/2020 99 Est of 2020 Hiring Allotment of rooms in JKTDC at Jammu   View Document
2 29/10/2020 102 Est of 2020 Hiring Allotment of Private houses accommodation in Jammu   View Document
3 29/10/2020 101 Est of 2020 Allotment of Government Residential accommodation at Jammu in favor of Officials and Officers for winter session 2020   View Document
4 29/10/2020 100 Est of 2020 Allotment of rooms in Private Hotels Guest Houses at Jammu   View Document
5 24/09/2020 nIL State Level Purchase committee meeting on 28.09.2020   View Document
6 08/09/2020 2 DE of 2020 Allotment of Residential accommodation in favour of officials moving to Jammu with annual darbar move 2020-21   View Document
7 19/08/2020 131 of 2020 Final seniority lists of different categories of Jammu and Kashmir State subordinate services   View Document
8 05/08/2020 Nil Allotments Move 2020 Phase-III   View Document
9 31/07/2020 Nil Hotelwise allotment of Darbar Move employees in Srinagar Phase -II   View Document
10 02/07/2020 156 DDES of 2020 Allotment of hotel accomodation in favor of Darbar Move Officers/Officials during summer session 2020   View Document

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